Friday, May 8, 2009

Road Leads Home

Well, after a 22 hour drive, we made it to Idaho. So glad to be here! I tend to do a lot of sleeping in the car. Funny how traveling wears you out. We spent one night in Liman, CO. The dogs find this very exciting. We have two large yellow labs and they don't normally get to sleep in the same room as Mom and Dad. Man, our oldest one, Jake (he's 7), that boy can snore! Holy cow! My husband woke up and thought it was me. LOL. I don't think so.

We usually see some pretty interesting things on the road as we travel. But not much this trip. We saw deer and antelope and one moose as we got close to home. But for the most part, all we saw was lots of truckers. So, this post will sort of be in honor of them. What would America be without our road warriors? I took this picture a few years ago on a highway in Texas. I was trying to get those big wind mills in the background but they didn't show up too well so I reworked it with a new background. If you like the word art you can grab that by clicking on the title of this post.

Happy Sails!

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