Friday, June 26, 2009

Friends, Runaways, and Retail Therapy

I had a little run-away last week. One of my best girlfriends, Cathy, invited me down to enjoy a few days with her and her four year old, Will. Her hubby was out of town on business and since I'd been sitting inside watching it rain for so long, I decided Why Not! I love it here in our cabin at Bear Lake but, I tell ya, the walls had started closing in. So heading off to the big city sounded like just the prescription I needed.

I left early Weds. morning, buckled behind the wheel of our big red truck, and set out on my nearly two hour drive. This is exciting for me in itself because since my hubby retired, I don't get to drive all that often. We always go everywhere together and he, being the man, just usually drives. Needless to say, cruising the curvey canyon and hitting the freeway at 80 mph all by my lonesome makes me feel sixteen again! The trip was off to a great start.

By the time I arrived, Cathy had gotten Will off to daycare and we had the world by the tail. Oh what to do?! The choices were endless. After a bit of breakfast, we decided to hit the matinee- since it's raining at her house too. We hit the fancy new theatre in downtown Ogden and saw The Hangover. Hilarious! And Bradley Cooper is pretty dang easy on the eyes. :) After the movie, we hit The Grist Mill for a slice of fresh High Five bread. We didn't need any lunch after the huge bucket of popcorn we consumed at the show.

Then it was time to hit the shopping mall. It's what girl's do. The day was turning out to be pretty fantastic. The sun had even decided to shine. Cathy took me in to one of her favorite stores and proceeded to take on the roll of fashion coordinator. She's throwing jeans at me left and right, along with funky tops to be layered (she has a great sense of style) and then, sitting patiently in a chair as I stroll out to model, she gives me her semi-professional advice. I haven't had that kind of attention since my Mom took me back-to-school shopping for 8th grade. I loved it! I found some jeans that I thought looked pretty good (Cath agreed) plus a few other things and $200+ later we left the store. Um, I don't usually plunk down that kind of scratch. Well, not since I retired anyway. But I was feeling all right about it. Empowered in a way! Yea, after twenty days of sitting in the rain, I deserved it. I owed it to myself! Am I right, ladies?! Woohoooo.

Well, to make a long story short and sum up the first day, we picked Will up from daycare, took a nice long stroll around the neighborhood, reunited a lost dog with it's owner, and had a lovely dinner at a new italian restaurant. It was a great day.

The next morning included coffee on the back patio overlooking Cathy's "Better Homes & Gardens" yard (yes, she even has a creek that runs through it) and homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies baked especially for me. I felt loved. The rain hit again about noon and we ended up bailing out her basement window wells. It was quite a storm.

I headed out of town about 2:00 pm feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. It was as if I had spent a fortune at a day spa- but they don't send you home with cookies! Bonus! Thank you, Cathy! And thank you, Will, for sharing your Mom with me. And to all of you out there, make time for your friends. You just don't know how much they might be needing to hear from you.

Happy Sails!