Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We have a new shipmate. Welcome aboard Stephen! I'm so pleased to have you here. Stephen's passion is photography and after viewing his blog (Nikon Sniper) I was inspired to put my 'snap' cap back on and take/post some pictures.

Walking to the mailbox today I tried to get some photos of the prickly pear cactus that are blooming right now. They're beautiful. But, alas, none of those pictures turned out too well- too much light for the yellow blossoms. But while I was at it, I snapped a picture of this little purple mop top. Thought he'd make nice company with Linda's word art that I snagged yesterday. (Thank you Linda!) I just might use it for my mother's day card.

Check out Stephen's site. He's got some great pictures!

Much to do so this is a short post. Wishing you calm waters and...
Happy Sails!

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Linda said...

Julie this is beautiful!! Leaving wishes for a great day ahead!!