Friday, June 5, 2009

A Happy Mess!

Wow! Did anybody call the WAAAAambulance after that last post?? Um, I kind of went off... how embarrassing. Let's forget that ever happened and just move on, shall we?!

To ensure your visit is a pleasant one, today I'll just be treating you to some visuals with minimal jabber. Doesn't that sound refreshing? Go ahead, take a minute and grab an iced tea or beverage of your choice. I'll wait...

Last year we had a couple of Orioles helping themselves to the hummingbird feeder. Well, they're baaaack! And I believe it's an entire family now. There's five that I can tell. Aren't they so pretty? I tell you what, they sure drink a lot. We fill the feeder about every three days.

Here are a couple of pictures that I took at the Bear Lake Marina yesterday. The boating season hasn't quite ramped up yet this year but in another few weeks, the place will be packed.

And here's some shots of the garden The Captain planted for me under the deck with some varieties I've never tried before.

And how about this little chunkmeister. Isn't he cute? I don't know if he's losing his baby down or if he's just wet and scruffy. I haven't seen him since so I assume he's morphed into the typically sleeker version and I just don't recognize him anymore.

Well now, wasn't that so much better than listening to me whine. I promise to try and behave myself from here on out. Life will be nothing but lollipops and roses. And, maybe cheesecake for good measure. ;) I'll be a happy mess!

Happy Sails!


Wendy said...

Nice photos! You live in a lovely place. I love those orioles. We don't have those where I live!

Mrs. E said...

Lollipops and roses are ok,though they can be sticky or have thorns! Happy messes. Maybe that is the most we can hope for! Great photography! Love the oriole on the hummingbird feeder. Square peg--round hole and all that.