Sunday, May 17, 2009

Give Me Sugar

I've just spent the past two and half days with Payton, best granddaughter ever, and we had the most terrific time. She wasn't feeling the best but she was a trooper and still wanted to swing, jump on the "jump-o-line", and go pretty much non-stop until nightfall. She ran the Captain ragged. :) Then, by dusk, she got snuggly and sat contentedly next to me (which I love) and watched TV. She even went to bed without a fight. What a sweetheart. She's the best girl.

After she left this afternoon (needed to bribe her with a present so she wouldn't cry (LOL), I saw her little hand prints on my sliding glass door and had to smile. They'll stay there for a few more days. Naturally, I had her on my mind when I turned on my computer. You might not have the perfect picture for today's word art freebie, but I did. If you can use it, click on the title of this post to download. And remember, I don't have any terms so recolor, resize, PU and CU okay. I'd love to see your layout if you do use it though. :) Here's the page I did for my digital scrapbook.

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Lilian said...
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Lilian said...

I love the "pirate's" spin you gave your blog. Thanks for your visit to my space...
:-) said...

I love your blog. Your photoshop pages are great. Thank you for visiting my page as well.