Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Dreams

Have you all been enjoying the beautiful weather the past several days? Wow! Lovin' it! It's cooler and breezy today but yesterday the hubs planted a bunch of posies for me in the garden. We got some new interesting plants that we haven't tried before. Can't remember the names of them but I hope they are happy in their new home and choose to flourish. :) We also got some fun favorites like hostas, rununculas and petunias. The colors are gorgeous! If they get established and do well, I'll post a picture.

After he finished up with that we decided to go golfing. This was only my second time this year and I have to say... I didn't do too bad. I'm not an avid golfer by any means. I don't go to the driving range. I only play 9 holes. I don't usually go more than twice a week and I don't seek out new and challenging courses. I've been "golfing" per se for the past 3+ years. But I still scored a 44. How about that? I was pretty pleased. I even parred a couple of holes. So maybe I have a natural knack? Nah, I'm back to the "luck" thing. But, amazingly enough, I got a hole in one last year. LOL! Totally a freak accident for sure. Here's the layout I did for that special, once in a lifetime event. (Word art by Bethany Harty.)

It was crazy. My ball hit the edge of the green and then just rolled about 12 feet straight to the hole. My eyes are so bad that it looked like it rolled off the other side to me but the Captain said, "Oh my gosh, you just got a hole in one." I didn't believe him until I saw my ball laying there in the cup. We bought rounds in the watering hole after we finished our game. Everyone was very happy for me (but probably happier about their free drink). Heehee.
I had time during American Idol last night to work on some wordart. But first, who are you voting for... Chris or Adam? I can't decide. They are both terrific and I'm sure will be big in the music industry no matter who wins. It was a fantastic season this year! Lots of winners in my book. Sorry to see it end.
Anywho- here's my freebie. Click on the title of this post to go to my account and download it. Leave me some love too, purdy please. :)

Well, thanks for climbin' aboard and catchin' the Wave today. Hope to see you again soon.

Happy Sails!

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