Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Company and a Freebie

Well now, don't you just love it when you get unexpected company first thing in the morning? My honey went to let the dogs out this morning and our mighty protector, Tanner, who feels it's his responsibility to keep us and our property safe from any kind of intruders, took off running after something- barking up a storm. When Drew got out the door to see what was up, Tanner was about 3 feet from this guy who wasn't about to take any lip from some half pint lab. The moose (which was much larger than it appears to be in this photo) turned and charged the dog and chased him back a few yards. Drew got the dogs back inside and we spent the next hour on the deck watching this mangy giant stroll around the yard. The best part of this story is that some woman in a mini van came down the road and saw him standing in the field. She pulls over, gets out of her car and starts walking toward him, sweet talking him all the while, like she was going to befriend him and take him home for tea and crumpets. Has this woman not seen those videos of moose stomping the living daylights out of people? Luckily, he wasn't too interested in her and started walking the other direction across our yard. She continued her pursuit though by getting back in her van and following him- basically pushing him up the hill and out of our sight. I hope for her sake he never got aggravated. These things will go after locomotives if pushed to the edge. Anyway, it was an exciting morning. I always love to see moose but prefer to have my pups safely contained and keeping their distance. We'll be sure to check the yard from now on before cutting the dogs loose.

I'm doing this post during the commercials for The Biggest Loser. Holy Moly, don't the contestants look fantastic? I'm rooting for Tara but all three finalists look fantastic. Good for them!! So, I need to hurry and post the freebie and get back to the TV! Hope you like it! Click on the title of this post to download.

And, as always....
Happy Sails!

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