Monday, May 11, 2009

Bridging the Gap

I added this photo to my Gallery this morning and thought I'd give you a preview as well. This is the Mackinac Bridge. It connects Michigan's lower & upper peninsulas. It is also the dividing line between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. It's awe inspiring to see and quite a thrill to drive over. If you haven't visited Northern Michigan, put it on your bucket list. It's really beautiful there. Lots of history, lots of lighthouses, lots of golf courses and a ferry ride to Mackinac Island is always a fun way to spend a few hours.
To see other photos from my Gallery, click on the link at the bottom of my page. Photos are available for purchase. If you're interested, please contact me for pricing.
I had a fantastic Mother's Day! I got to visit with my Mom and Dad and I saw three of my five kids (the other two I will be seeing today and tomorrow). Mom was nice enough to cook a huge feast for us (cheesecake for dessert, yum!) even though her and my Dad have been a little under the weather. She spoils us. It was great! Living out of state for the winter is hard because the family is all in N. Utah. So it's terrific when we come back to Idaho because they're all within a 2 hour drive.
It's a beautiful, warm day here today so I better get out and enjoy it.
Happy Sails!

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