Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who loves crosswords?

I know, I know... Sudoku is all the rage but I'm numerically challenged. I personally LOVE crosswords. In my opinion, the newspaper is worth the subscription price just for the crossword alone. Although, my hubs reads the articles so- bonus!

So, last night I whipped up this cute little set for all those crossword loving Moms. It turned out really nice and, guess what?! I already have an order. How awesome is that? And they paid using my Paypal option so I don't have to worry whether or not they'll come pick it up. Sweeeet! So far I'm liking this wonderful world of business. :)

It's another stormy, dark day here so we're thinking about a movie to get us out of the house. Anybody seen "I Love You, Man"? That's the Captain's choice. Critics give it 4 stars. We see so few movies that I like to make sure I see a good one when we finally decide to go. Hate wasting the event on something dumb. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it's worthwhile! Ha- like sitting in a dark house watching it rain is much better than seeing a C average movie. I'll just have to have the popcorn and Jr. Mints to ensure my satisfaction.

Happy Sails!

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