Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Thursday already!

Man, where does the time go? Sometimes I feel like my life is slipping by me at a pace I'm just not comfortable with. We have been in Texas for nearly 6 months now. We moved here after my husband retired to enjoy a warmer winter climate. It's beautiful and so far, we really love it. It supposedly gets real hot here in the summer but that doesn't affect us much because we plan to spend our summer's in Idaho and Michigan.

Time in Idaho allows us to be with our family (all in Northern Utah). We have a cabin on a lake there (Bear Lake, if you're familiar) and the kids come up as often as possible to go boating. They've all gotten quite good on the wakeboard but the Captain and I favor the sky ski. Have you ever tried this? It's incredibly hard to figure out at first but once you get it, it's a blast. And it's a lot less effort than the wakeboard. It's not nearly as tiring.

Our date of departure is around the 4th of May. So, the hubs has been spending the past few days trying to figure out what we need to accomplish here before we leave; turn off utilities, cancel car insurance, get the mail forwarded, make a pile of things we need to pack. He's very efficient! All I have to do usually is get in the car. Don't you love being taken care of?!

So, this is the joy our retirement allows us. Being able to pull up stakes and take off whenever we choose. We've only been retirees for a couple of years now so it still feels like a dream. So to toast our retirement, I created the next freebie for you. Click on the title of this post to download it. And leave me some cyber love if you like it.

And before I sign off, I want to give a shout out to my newest follower, Wench Melly Bean! She's not only one of my best friends but she's my daughter as well. Love you Mela Bella!

Until next time,

Happy Sails!

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