Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hi everyone!

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day here in the Hill Country. Temps were in the 80's and there was very little wind. Just beautiful. The Captain took me to the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens. It was really pretty- especially the rose garden. I got some nice pictures of those.

I also got pictures of this beautiful gate. They didn't turn out so good because it was so shady but it made me think of Cinderella.
Some people are so incredibly talented. The detail on this thing was really beautiful. It just amazes me. Sadly, it was tucked away down a road leading to nowhere so I'm sure it's going unappreciated. After the garden tour we had lunch at Chuy's on the patio. The birds were chirping away and the waitress kept the Diet Cokes coming. God Bless her! :)

Alas, the gate was my inspiration for today's freebie, the famous quote from Cinderella herself. Now Cinderella is wonderful for sure but I personally believe the real stars of that movie were the mice. So cute!

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Happy Sails,

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