Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aaargh! Gold Paint!

I have to tell you, my honey got the kitchen painted yesterday. He worked so hard. And I had such grand hopes that it would look so nice. But it's just not the right color. It's too yellow. This has been so frustrating for me. Our previous house was painted such a lovely, subtle, calming yet cheery gold(ish) color. And I can't for the life of me duplicate that. I thought I'd found it last January and anxiously bought a gallon. We started with the dining room. Well, we ended up having to paint it twice because it was just awful- we went with a sand/tan color. So we decided the best route would be to buy the little sample jars. I diligently painted squares of cardboard to hang on the wall and watch for a few days to get a feel for which color was right. Nada. None of them seemed to be working for me. We've tried about 5-7 different sample jars from 3 different stores. Finally gave up- thinking, we'll just wait till next year. But with all this grey weather, the hubs needed something to do. So, I made a snap decision. Maaaan- wrong,wrong,wrong! I guess we're only here for one more week so I'll deal with it. But, why don't they ever come out looking like they should. I feel I'm pretty good with color and decorating. (At least, my friends have said as much). I just can't get this one right. If anyone has suggestions for paint colors (or how to mute the color we've got), I'd LOVE to hear from you!

In honor, of this color dilemma, I've changed the color of my background page to gold. It seemed appropriate. Doesn't it look lovely? (snicker)

I should have another word art for you tomorrow so please check back. I've been busy working on Mother's Day canoodles (my gift buckets) and haven't been able to fit any designing in. I'll share another picture with you so you have some visual treats. This layout I did all by myself. Not bad for a newbie scrapper. We have two beautiful, wonderful pups- Jake and Tanner. Tanner wouldn't go near the pool. It freaked him out for some reason. He's always happy to take a dip in a lake, stream or mud puddle though. So I tucked him "safely" in his house.

Happy Sails!

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Linda said...

Been there with the paint thing!! Hubby painted kitchen most unreal shade of green....needless to say it didnt stay on the walls long!!
Have a great one!