Thursday, May 28, 2009

Signs of Our Times

Hi guys!
I have to admit that I haven't been feeling very creative in the Wordart field lately. Too much playing on Facebook and reading other people's blogs. And the weather has been beautiful so the Captain and I have been golfing and boating. (BUT, considering the download numbers on my 4shared account, my Wordart isn't the big draw here. LOL!)
Instead I'll try to be entertaining by other means. :) So I decided to post some photos of signs that I've seen recently in my travels. They need no explanation really. But just in case you're dying for more info, I'll provide brief details.
Sign #1- This was taken in the rain forest on St. Croix in 2008. And, trust me, the road was in bad shape! The people who live there obviously were trying to make a point to get it fixed and I'm happy to report that when we went back this year, the road was in much better shape. So, it worked!
Sign #2- Obviously taken just outside Roswell, NM. Unfortunately, we didn't spend any time in Roswell nor did we drive out to the UFO Crash Site. We were tired of being in the car and just wanted to get to our destination- which happened to be Carlsbad, NM where we toured the cave. (Side note- the cave is amazingly huge! You have to see it to believe it. Very interesting- but there's not much else out there to see so take a minute and enjoy Roswell when you pass through.)
Sign #3- Yes, this is an actual event that takes place annually in the small town of Woodruff, UT. Every small town around here has some sort of festival. Brigham City has Peach Days. Garden City has Raspberry Days. Tremonton has Wheat and Beet Days. Pleasant View has Founder's Day... and so on and so on. But Woodruff's is by far the most interesting. They actually have a booth where you can buy Rocky Mountain Oysters to munch on. Um, I'm not brave enough to try these little delicacies but my hubby says they're quite tastey. Okay. I'll trust him on that one. Question- did they spell it right? I thought it was Hmm.
Well, I'm off tomorrow to the big city to have dinner with my girlfriends which I haven't seen since I arrived here on 4 May. They've just been so busy. I'm embarrassed for them that they haven't found time for me! So I'm looking forward to sipping a 'grita and catching up on all the dirt. It will literally take hours. I'm so excited! Hehehe!
Until next time,
Happy Sails!


Wendy said...

I'm relieved to note there is still time for me to high-tail it over to the testicle festival. Whew! Thanks. :)

P.S. Your blog design is cool!

Lady Julie said...

Wendy: LOL! Thanks for the giggle!